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The new site is Live!!

With great joy, I would like to announce the complete new redesign of the website. After going through 4 different models, and many pieces of paper, I created one that I think will help L’Abri Fellowship’s online presence through functionality, usability, design and ease of use. I have had to recreate every single […]

Thinking about the mundane

“Thinking about the mundane; the hum-drum of daily living. Life is not less than this, but always more. Seems to me though that most of the time our lives are made up of the not less, and not the more. There should be both a level of acceptance and dissatisfaction with this. Accepting that […]

living with fresh air

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This chalet just signifies a lot to me. First it was my brother’s home for a long time and […]

In loving memory

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Pat and Max are friends of mine that I met in Swizterland when I lived there. During breaks from school […]

It’s working

Well i am more impressed now. I am able to post from Flickr and i am able to do a lot more than i thought!! Maybe I’ll start posting more now. That would be fun. Heading to the L’Abri Rochester Conference at the end of the week. Hope I’ll see some of you there!

working on

feels like every deadline is this week. hummm. lots of coding and getting ready to implement some new additions to website. also been working on another website all week, and i’ve got several videos to edit. one is completed (actually my wedding video) and creating the DVD menus now. my brother-in-law filmed the […]