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Spotlight ramdomly started over

I got on my PowerMac G5 2.3×2 this morning and my hard drives were really going to town. I looked up and saw Spotlight was indexing. I clicked on it and it says it’s indexing my computer and will take 15 hours. That’s really strange. No external hard drives, no new hard drives and […]

Backing up Aperture with optical discs

I’ve joined in on several discussions and blogs talking about the best way to backup your Aperture library immediately and long term. Obviously you can use Aperture’s great backup feature called the “Vault”. That is smart actions that you take to choose a location to where you want to backup Aperture’s files and when […]

Printing w/ Epson R200 and I still have hair

After days of trying to print with Aperture to my Epson R200, I wasn’t have much success. I followed all the rules, change the setting in the Epson R200 perfences to Photo RPM, and turn off color management. Back in forth etc. Print borderless was usless and I was having color banding issues and […]


As a sad side note, my PowerMac’s harddrive passed away rather suddenly earlier this week. She started having problems on Sunday- shortness of breath not able to get up and move around, the usual signs. I realized that she wasn’t going to make it, so I bought some expensive medication to help her recover […]

My PowerMac G5 has Killed Over!

Situation: PowerMac was running fine. Did all updates last week (10.4.7, QT 7.1.1 etc) and everything worked fine. I thought i’d catch up my backup stuff so yesterday morning at 10am I tried out Super Duper! to do a backup. Before I ran the back up, I repaired permissions, and verified disk. Everything dandy. […]