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Busy Summer, Fall is rolling in!

Tsali Mountain Biking

This past summer has been quite busy as my wife and I took our kids to several family vacations in different parts of the southeast. We had a blast seeing family and friends and getting to reconnect with them!

I’ve also been pretty busy working on a international medical education course that happens twice […]

2010 is flying.

As I revamped my website in December, my thoughts were to post more on the blog and get my new work posted online quickly. What I’ve seen is that I have spent more time on Twitter or Facebook making those type of posts. My thoughts on social media have changed over the past several […]

So long 2009!

As the last few hours of 2009 are upon us, I’d like to wish you all a wonderful New Year. 2009 has been a good year for both me personally and my family. We’ve had a lot of challenges, but things seem to work themselves out. I’m thankful for all the work that I […]

micro blogging can be easier

Well as you can see, I’ve been using Twitter more lately to update my website on what I’ve been up too. It’s just so easy! I have it on my iPhone or computer. I probably use the iPhone the most- just because I can Tweet while I’m rendering or waiting at a red light […]

Men with Potato Guns.

Fun little video I made about men blowing up things with Potato Guns while at a Men’s retreat. The retreat was great and something I really needed. This little break in the day was much needed and glad that we could shoot something while at it. the direct link to the HD version is […]

letting it live

I just wanted to give a quick post as it will be my last for 2008! Lots of things have happen over this year but over all it’s been a good one. I had some prints made yesterday of some photos that I worked on over the past two years and it was pretty […]

Week One with the iPhone

How it can change your day to day life. 1. Driving to work- listening to the radio and they are talking about how Miss America fell down the night before and how embarrassing it must have been. I proceed to pull out the iPhone and watch the clip on Youtube (while at a red […]


I’ve been on the ground running the past few months, traveling, editing, shooting, traveling and you kind of just wake up every day seeing what the next thing will be. It may be new words coming out of a loved one’s month, a new piece of computer gear that may be released or something […]