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New Radiohead Album in October- you decide on price

One of my all time favorite bands- Radiohead is releasing their new album called “In Rainbows” DRM free in mid-October. They don’t have a contract with EMI anymore and are releasing it on their own. The catch- you go to there website and purchase it. How much? You decide. You can even pay nothing for it. What an amazing concept. In december they will release the album on CD and record.
These guys are amazing. Not sure what I will do, but my first thought is to download it for free and then when the album comes about buy it on CD. I always buy my favorite bands on CD, then import it into I-Tunes. And not to mention you can’t buy Radiohead on I-Tunes. They only want to sell full albums and not by tracks.,0,1634979.story?coll=la-home-business

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