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New I-Pod Touch, it works great.

New I-Pod Touch screen, originally uploaded by mdshivers.

(check out more pictures below)
I bought the new I-Pod Touch a couple of weeks ago. I am really pleased with the quality of the device. I had been holding out for a while on a new I-Pod. My family had given me some gift cards and money for my birthday earlier this year and I’ve been saving it for something good. So far my impressions of it is amazing. I can watch a full movie and my eyes won’t strain at all. The pictures are amazing and web-surfing is a lot of fun.
They don’t have cases yet for the Touches. It’s shinny and I really don’t want to scratch it. So once the cases are available I think I’ll bring it out more. Also being a video guy, I have never owned a video I-pod. So i’ve put some of my short films on there and have download some TV shows and podcasts. It’s a whole new world for me!
So this will hold me off for the I-Phone. I’ve got a contract till mid next year and by then they’ll have Rev. 2 out for the I-Phone.
The photos are of the I-Pod Touch alongside the 4th 40gb I-Pod Photo. Just look at the size difference!

New I-Pod Touch and 4th gen I-Pod Photo
comparing sizes of new and old
New I-Pod Touch side viewing

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