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Edit the new Sigur Rós mini-documentary

Now this is really cool. I think I’ll pass on the Tori Amos video for this new competion. I just stumbled upon this a second ago- while browsing Sigur Ros’ new mini site for their new DVD/ album that is coming out this month. It’s available everywhere except here in the states.
The premise for this contest is that you download all the extra footage from the film and put it together and upload it to Youtube. The judges will be the band, the managers and the editor of the film.
THIS IS AWSOME! As you can tell some of the videos I have on my site are with Sigur Ros songs so this will be great to do. If I were to choose between the Tori Amos and this contest, this one would win hands down.
Hey- it’s all about how you spend your free time.
Anyway-the details aren’t up yet when the contest starts/ends but you can go ahead and start downloading the footage.
happy editing and downloading.

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