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play me a melody in G9 please

play me a melody, originally uploaded by mdshivers.

I recently got a Canon G9 as a little pocket camera, so I could shoot high quality pictures, but not have to carry my DSLR around with all the lenses and bags. I’ve been wanting to be able to have something discreet, but also something that can shoot RAW and can use my existing camera flashes. The G9 so far has been a really great camera. It’s 12.1 megapixel chip with 6x lens, with an ISO range of 80-1600 and F-stop starting at 2.8 has been great. The micro-mode works wonders and beats out my big camera (20D). Also with the 12.1 megapixel and RAW mode, I can crop and do all sorts of stuff with the image and still have a high quality output.
To edit in RAW, you will need CS3, Lightroom 1.5 or Aperture 2.0. Or you can use the Canon software that comes with it.
It has a pretty high frame rate (obviously nowhere near my 20D, but still very fast. It’s got movie mode, and panorama mode which already have come in handy.
so I defiantly recommend this little camera as your road warrior or the camera that you want to have without the difficulties of lugging around all your gear. I plan to take it with me on my trip to Chicago, and will be leaving the 20D at home to rest. I have used the G2 for several years too, and the G9 is a different beast. Smaller, sleeker and the controls are much more professional. So if you have a DSLR and are looking for a small compact full functional camera- this is the one.

This picture was taken with the Canon G9 in RAW mode with external 430ex flash. Post process in Aperture 2.0

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