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I’ve been on the ground running the past few months, traveling, editing, shooting, traveling and you kind of just wake up every day seeing what the next thing will be. It may be new words coming out of a loved one’s month, a new piece of computer gear that may be released or something that just goes missing. I’ve been reading blogs on the net for a long time- some I follow every day, some I follow every other week. It’s amazing how this information machine keeps going and going- new things everyday, or something being hashed out over and over.
I’m currently at the phase of being here but not here, listening but not listening, seeing but not seeing, doing but not doing. I kind of like it. It’s relaxing, yet I still am getting a lot of things done, but time is just moving faster and faster- which can be a little scary.
So i’ve got a huge backlog of things that i’ve been reading,listening,watching and studying. And why keep it all to one self?
Another thing that I’ve been thinking about is enagement. Not marriage, but people to people. People should engage their neighbors. People should engage their old college classmates. People should engaged their preachers. We all need that extra little kick in creativity, and friendship never hurts.
So it’s sometimes funny to think about that one can get a lot of “engagement” through some random blog that you found one night while doing some crazy surfing, and luckily, oh luckily thought to create a bookmark.
While the blogs are a valuable resource, a little good ol fashion get together never hurts.

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