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Week One with the iPhone

How it can change your day to day life.
1. Driving to work- listening to the radio and they are talking about how Miss America fell down the night before and how embarrassing it must have been. I proceed to pull out the iPhone and watch the clip on Youtube (while at a red light of course).
2. Going to a new store in a different part of down
Where is that turn again?
Google maps with GPS on iPhone… thanks.
3. At Home Depot
Shopping for a new Weed Eater. Straight shaft or Curve? What the heck?!
Google it on the iPhone and find some dude in Texas that knows a lot more about that than I do. (I bought a Straight Shaft)
4. Wife is late for a party and needs directions quick and of course our printer doesn’t work.
Google maps with directions
5. My neighbor SMS’s me to get together.
It use to take me 10 hours to write one sentence. I hated that. Now it’s fun to get them. Looks just like iChat.
6. Bored waiting in traffic
I have had time to play games of late.
Now since the iPhone is usually with me everywhere, so are the games.
iPhone 3G frontside

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