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back seat

I’ve actually been taking a back seat lately and have been discovering and reading some new interesting blogs instead of writing on this one. I’ve also been quite busy in my personal life, which has been a beautiful thing. As I have read and been told, take time for your family. In the end that is all what matters.
So what has been cooking? I’ve got several video projects out the door, a few photography assignments and I am working on a complete redesign of the L’Abri Fellowship International website. I have actually really enjoyed going back in forth between disciplines lately and it has stretch my creativeness. Once I start a project, I really dive into it, immersing myself in the language, current trends, etc. And yes those two things change constantly.
One video that I just completed was for Emory University, School of Medicine’s Cardiology department. I made this video for the annual TCT Interventional Conference. The symposium features live procedures originating from more than 25 leading US and international medical centers featuring world-renowned operators performing complex interventions. Emory University, located in Atlanta Georgia, was chosen to do several live cases this year and this opening will be played before each live case starts to show what the city, staff and surroundings are like. Attendance is around 30,000 doctors and industry professionals.
So check out the video and I’ll be writing soon on my thoughts of video portfolio’s and presenting your video projects on the web.

Emory Opening for TCT conference from Michael Shivers on Vimeo.

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