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letting it live

I just wanted to give a quick post as it will be my last for 2008! Lots of things have happen over this year but over all it’s been a good one.
I had some prints made yesterday of some photos that I worked on over the past two years and it was pretty rewarding. They have only lived on my computer and so it was nice to see them in print. As I was looking at the colors and textures in the analog format, it provided a warm and inviting experience.
Life is kinda like that too. Something lives in your head – an idea for a short film, a poem, a book or a photo. It lives in you for a while and you start to develop that idea. Then at some point it reaches it’s fullest potential without you acting on it. And from there you either act on it, or let the idea die. It’s not like you are telling it to die, but it’s more of a slow process. Like decaying fruit, but there is no smell or sign of rotting. It just starts disappearing.
So at that moment you should really think if it’s worth making it live. For me, yesterday was the moment that I needed to see some of my photographs printed. I needed to see it live outside of my computer and I needed a physical representation of it. So my idea hasn’t died and I am seeing it through. Same with a video. I’ve got a lot of footage that I need to edit. It’s just a little artsy piece to show off some HD footage and to show off some coloring ideas that I have been working on. But it’s just sitting there and hasn’t come to life. So hopefully this post will jump start that project 🙂
Well- I need to get back to friends and family and start kicking some some but on the Wii.
You guys have a Happy New Year!!

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