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micro blogging can be easier

Well as you can see, I’ve been using Twitter more lately to update my website on what I’ve been up too. It’s just so easy! I have it on my iPhone or computer. I probably use the iPhone the most- just because I can Tweet while I’m rendering or waiting at a red light or in an elevator. Blogging software is a little more laborious to say the least. But blogging does have it’s purpose and it still has it’s purpose on my website. Speaking of purpose and my website…. I’ve been trying to update it a little the past few days. It’s really about to get overhauled- through what pages I have and what sections I have. The structure for me needs a little revamp, because I am not using certain sections like I use too. When I first made the “links” page in 2001, there was no software that let you bookmark your web browsing favorites and then have it sync to multiple computers. You either had to email the link, or export your entire bookmarks and then email that attachment to yourself. Well- I just started making links on my website that I went to a lot. I was traveling all over Europe and the States and this is was the best way. Now- I’ve got Mobile Me for Safari and Xmarks for Firefox. And when I don’t have either, I go to iGoogle and save links there. So the link page the way I have it now will be disappearing.
Also going to just do a general clean up of other things as well. I’ve been so busy working on client stuff that I’ve failed to keep my site the way I want it. So here’s a heads up. 🙂
Also you will notice that I finally have a real print store up and running. You can now order prints directly from my website and have them professionally printed and shipped right to your home. I plan to add a lot more of my prints on there, so keep a look out.
I’ll write a separate post about the print store soon. But in the mean while, take care and thanks for stopping by.

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