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problem opening older powerpoint files in snow leopard (10.6)

So I just updated a friends brand new out of the box MacBook Pro to Snow Leopard (OSX 10.6). It had the upgrade disk in the box. I then loaded Office 2008 and all the service packs. I have a older .ppt powerpoint and it literally takes about 10 minutes to open up. Once I open it and save it as a .pptx it works fine and opens immediately. I checked the same file on an Intel iMac running 10.5.8 and it opens the .ppt in just a couple of seconds.
So no Microsoft Office 2008 is not completely compatible with Snow Leopard. I hope they fix this soon. Not sure if this is Microsoft thing or Apple thing. Luckily, I can reinstall Leopard if I need to.

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4 comments to problem opening older powerpoint files in snow leopard (10.6)

  • Leslie

    I am having multiple problems with PPT Office 2008 since installing Snow Leopard. Most of my inserted media won’t work, and PPT keeps crashing. And I do mean keeps crashing – 100s of times….

  • reb

    I am also unable to open my power point since installing Snow Leopard.

  • @Leslie and @reb- I would first make sure you have all the updates from Microsoft. Open PowerPoint and then check for updates. Install if need be. After that, I’d go to Disk Utility and repair permissions. After that, verify disk. If anything comes up, reboot from the Snow Leopard Disk and repair disk.
    If all this doesn’t work, you may have a corrupted install. I’d uninstall and reinstall.
    If you guys are having trouble opening .PPT files, in my case it was only a few .PPT files and not all of them. The ones that were giving me trouble I would wait till it finally opens them, and then save it as a .pptx file. It then opens fine and no problems. I’ve found that it will open them, but it takes several minutes and you get the beach ball.
    Ff you are a pinch for time, you could try opening the .ppt file in Keynote. Maybe even save as a .ppt again (in Keynote) and try to open that one.
    It’s not consistent on why some .PPT files open and why some don’t.
    hope this helps!

  • John Rahiya

    I am using PPT 2002 XP in Vista. I have been sent a file from a reliable source; a presentation about 250 slides in length. I cannot open the file; it shuts downs PPT. The file was sent to at least 20 other people who opened it without difficulty. If I try to open from the email, the PPT presentation simply will not open.

    Help and thanks.

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