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Aperture and Lightroom/ACR RAW handling

Someone on a flickr forum asked a question about how Aperture handles RAW files and if it was possible to send RAW files for RAW processing to another program. Also another question raised was comparing the two different programs in how they handle RAW processing.
@ Aperture handling sending RAW files to another program,
Yes, Aperture automatically handles all the RAW settings. When you open it with another program, you have to convert it to another file format. It can’t send a native RAW file to another program. So you can’t use ACR to change the settings of your RAW file inside Aperture. You could open the original file inside Finder, change your settings in ACR or Lightroom and then save it as another file format. ACR or Lightroom also doesn’t let you edit RAW and save changes to that RAW file and then send the RAW file to another program. RAW conversion only happens once when you need to export the file. You can keep the original RAW with adjustments but it has to live in the native program that you editied with. (ACR,Lightroom,Aperture).
Hopefully in the future these programs can export RAW to another program and be able to reimport RAW.
hopefully this makes since 🙂
@ comparing ACR/Lightroom with Apeture Raw settings:
I have all three and I really enjoy Aperture’s interface and auto tools. But when I need to get a specific look, I have to send it to photoshop.
One thing I love about Lightroom is the presets for adjusting RAW. It seems to be way advanced from Aperture and there are several settings that Apeture doesn’t have. There are several websites now that you can download these presets for free or a small price. Excellent.
I am very happy with Apeture and it’s file management and interface. But i really like Lightroom’s RAW settings and presets. Guess I’ll be using both and making sure Apeture mangages my files.

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