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Matt + Sarah : Atlanta Wedding Video

Matt + Sarah from Michael Shivers on Vimeo.

A traditional American Wedding in Alpharetta, Georgia. I had a wonderful time filming Matt and Sarah’s wedding! A very fun relaxing wedding and the reception was a lot of fun with great dancing. Filmed in High Definition 1080p.

If you would like to watch this video in QuickTime/iPhone format please go to the video page to watch.

Chandan + Anandi : Atlanta Indian Wedding Video

Chandan + Anandi from Michael Shivers on Vimeo.

A traditional Indian/Hindu Wedding in Atlanta, Georgia. Filmed at the Atlanta History Center. The couple and the families were amazing and I had such a great time working with them. This is a 7 min Montage of the wedding. Hope you enjoy!! Filmed in High Definition 1080p.

If you would like to watch the same video in QuickTime Format, go to the Video Page. website refresh!!

If you have visited the site since last night, you will see that the entire site has been redesigned from head to toe. I had several goals to accomplish and several things that I wanted to happen. First – was to update my video and photography sections. I’m able to add content much quicker now.

I’ve also worked on some branding things and general usability. I’ll be posting more about this soon, but just wanted to let everyone know now!

new version of


Yes., originally uploaded by mdshivers.

when times are going by fast, you need something like this.


Textures, originally uploaded by mdshivers.

Taken with iPhone and processed with “best camera” iPhone app by Chase Jarvis.

problem opening older powerpoint files in snow leopard (10.6)

So I just updated a friends brand new out of the box MacBook Pro to Snow Leopard (OSX 10.6). It had the upgrade disk in the box. I then loaded Office 2008 and all the service packs. I have a older .ppt powerpoint and it literally takes about 10 minutes to open up. Once I open it and save it as a .pptx it works fine and opens immediately. I checked the same file on an Intel iMac running 10.5.8 and it opens the .ppt in just a couple of seconds.
So no Microsoft Office 2008 is not completely compatible with Snow Leopard. I hope they fix this soon. Not sure if this is Microsoft thing or Apple thing. Luckily, I can reinstall Leopard if I need to.

Behind the scenes at the Indian wedding

Taken with my iPhone while filming an Indian wedding yesterday. What a
lovely ceremony. Colors, smells and sounds are amazing!

** Update- Watch the Video

Switching the Blog to WordPress from Movable Type

This will be my first post on the new WordPress blogging platform. Hopefully everything will switch up fairly well. I’ll write up a more extensive reason why I did this change soon. This is one of the first switches to my new design of my website. If some of the links are buggy, please let me know. And if you are reading this via RSS, it may not work and you may need to update your RSS link.