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My PowerMac G5 has Killed Over!

PowerMac was running fine. Did all updates last week (10.4.7, QT 7.1.1 etc) and everything worked fine. I thought i’d catch up my backup stuff so yesterday morning at 10am I tried out Super Duper! to do a backup. Before I ran the back up, I repaired permissions, and verified disk. Everything dandy. I then started full copy with Super Duper to external Firewire drive. I let it run but was taking forever. Finally 23 hours later it had only copied 58 gigs out of 89 gigs. So I decided to stop it.
Problem escalates here:
I pressed stop on Super Duper and it acted like it stopped. I waited a few minutes still no sign of stopping and back to normal. I then went to finder and Force Quit, and says Super Duper! stoped responding. I then forced quit SD. I waited a few more minutes. Nothing.By now Finder was completly locked up- Spinning Beach etc. Nothing. Waited a while longer- nothing. So i decided to shut power off my pressing power button. It shuts off.
Yikes begins:
System won’t boot and it just goes to grey screen with apple logo. Fans rev up, nothing. Try about 5 times. I ‘option- command-pr’ to reset pram. nothing. I can’t even get the CD tray open. So I reboot hold down ‘option’ and go to boot menu. Press ‘eject’ on keyboard and try opens. I put in tiger disk, and try to repair disk.
Error: “The Underlying task reported failure on Exit”. I run repair disk about 5 times.
Disk Warrior:
I do some research on the forums. I head to Apple Store to pick up Disk Warrior 3.0.3. $106 dollars later I am at hope it will work. I ran the maintance script and S.M.A.R.T. disk verified .
So now Disk Warrior is saying this:
Rebuilding Directory
Locating Directory data
‘Speed inhibited by disk malfunction’.
It’s been running for about 5 hours now. And the blue progress line is almost half way. I heard the record running DW was 28 days! wow.
So now i am waiting. But i figured i’d post this stuff on the forums so people in same situtation would know what it’s like.
So what about my FW backup that stopped at 58 gigs out of 89? i freaked and thought the same thing. Websites,movies,pics yada yada. Well I used my powerbook to check the back up and my user folder is there- with what it seems like all of my data! So I may have all my data for now- but not a bootable clone with apps etc.
Ok, don’t want to write too much but just getting it out there.
If i have my data – ok. But loading back all the programs will be a pain.
I’ll be posting updates of what happens. thanks for reading and if you have any suggestions, please shoot them this way!

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