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Backing up Aperture with optical discs

I’ve joined in on several discussions and blogs talking about the best way to backup your Aperture library immediately and long term.
Obviously you can use Aperture’s great backup feature called the “Vault”. That is smart actions that you take to choose a location to where you want to backup Aperture’s files and when you update your photo library or make significant changes, the vault icon will turn red telling you to update. It’s recommended to use an external hard drive or at least another hard drive that your main library is not on.
SO what if you want to use DVD’s to backup? Well I’ve been mulling over this for a while. I want to have multiple backups and I want to have a disc based backup too. So the recently released Roxio Toast 8 for Mac came to mind. I just got it a few days ago and my findings are that it’s a great upgrade from the older version. It does “Disc Spanning” for both Mac and PC on the same disc. So say my photo library is 100 gigs it would take about 25 4.7 gig discs to use. Toast will automatically embed the software needed to read the spanned disk and will restore your library.
Now optically what should you backup? At first I thought hands down just back up the aperture original library. Drag it into Toast and it will tell you how many discs it will take. Then after I started it, it was going to take about 30min on each disk with verification. Bah. that’s a lot of time. So I canceled it and decided to think about it more.
If I backup my Aperture library in it’s entirety, I need Aperture to read it when I want to recover it if something goes wrong. So what if I want just my photos and not all the data base stuff? I then thought it would be best to export all of my masters by Year/Month/Day and in a Folder called PhotoBackup. Then I could have all of my original photos backup (it doesn’t do versions but it will export PSD files as masters). So i dragged the Parent folder “Photobackup” into Roxio Toast 8 and then do a cross platform disc span.
Now I have all of my photos in their original form backed up to Mac and PC format. Now I’m not swithching to PC anytime soon, but it’s nice to know that I have the option. Also if I wanted to stop using Aperture for the next best app, i can just import my Photobackup with the Year/Month/Day scheme into another program. And then my photos aren’t archived and be required to have Aperture to open them up. (I’m thinking long term here folks!)

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