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The Arcade Fire in Atlanta

The Arcade Fire in ATL, originally uploaded by mdshivers.

I’ve been really excited for the past few months to go to the Arcade Fire concert here in Atlanta. It was yesterday, May 1st and so the day had finally come. My friend Jeff Weaver and I left work to head to La Fonda (a small little Latin food joint) on Ponce de Leon. I got my salmon burrito and a couple of beers. Jeff didn’t really know much about Arcade Fire so I was happily telling him about the group, yada yada. Well next thing I know, the lead singer Wim and his brother Will (guitarist and keyboardest and so much more) come inside for dinner! Wow is the least I could say.

So i saw them and really wanted to talk to them, but I didn’t want to be the freak show all up in their buisness. Decided to go for it and struck up a quick conversation. Great guys indeed. They are really nice people and down to earth. No one recognized them in the restaurant, so it was pretty relaxed and such.

anyway- asked to get a picture with them, and they were really cool about it. So it just amplified my great impression of them and their music,. We parted ways and I told them i’d see them in a few hours….

The concert rocked! It was such a great show and the energy was amazing. This group is really talented and have a lot to offer to the music scene of today.

I’ll be posting pictures of that soon….

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1 comment to The Arcade Fire in Atlanta

  • that’s awesome dude, i love “Neon Bible”
    unfortunately, with my Ipod being broken I haven’t gotten to listen to it a few days and I haven’t burned a cd yet.

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